Prevalence of multi-drug resistant Pseudomonas aeruginosa isolated from selected residential sewages in Dutsin-Ma, Katsina State, Nigeria

Published: 1 March 2023
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The global surge in Multidrug resistant (MDR) bacteria is an issue of great concern. Pseudomonas aeruginosa has been impli- cated in several nosocomial infections, where it has caused grave complications in immunocompromised patients. This is the first study to report the prevalence of MDR P. aeruginosa isolated from residential sewage in Dutsin-Ma, Katsina State, Nigeria. Pseudomonads count, isolation, biochemical characterization and antibiogram were carried out using standard microbiological pro- cedures. This study examined sixty (60) samples from selected res- idential sewage in the study site collected at different intervals between July and September 2021. A total of 40 (66.7%) P. aeruginosa were isolated from the analyzed sewage samples. The high- est (2.84x104) pseudomonad count was recorded from sewage samples collected from Kadangaru. Pseudomonas aeruginosa isolates from this sample site showed the highest (100%) resistance to cephalosporins (cefuroxime) and nitrofurantoin. Similarly, isolates from Miami area also demonstrated the highest (95%) resistance to a cephalosporin (ceftazidime). All (100%) isolates used in this study showed MDR resistance to tested antibiotics. The occurrence of MDR P. aeruginosa from a residential sewage site that may con- taminate drinking water sources in the study area is of public health threat to the inhabitants. Surveillance and molecular epi- demiology of antibiotics resistant bacteria are urgently needed in the study area.

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Adesoji, A. T., Onuh, J. P., Palang, I. P., Liadi, A. M., & Musa, S. (2023). Prevalence of multi-drug resistant <em>Pseudomonas aeruginosa</em> isolated from selected residential sewages in Dutsin-Ma, Katsina State, Nigeria. Journal of Public Health in Africa, 14(2).


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