Expanding current guidelines for management of COVID-19 focusing on low- and middle-income countries

Submitted: 5 June 2020
Accepted: 28 May 2022
Published: 11 October 2022
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Within a short time, Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) has evolved into a pandemic spreading at a speed and scale that has been able to overwhelm even the most advanced health care systems quickly. Multiple guidelines published by organizations such as the WHO and US’ CDC address the response to COVID-19 at the international, national, and local levels. Although these guidelines are meant to be globally accessible, implementing them is a challenge given the variability in the health care systems worldwide between low- and middleincome countries (LMIC) and high-income countries and even amongst different regions within each LMIC. We have chosen to evaluate the current guidelines focusing on LMIC and expand on the guidelines as necessary.

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